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Upholstery Cleaning – Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

    79 Hill Street, Ferndale, Randburg


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Most Important part during the process of domestic cleaning is making all of your furniture clean. It’s always a good idea to regularly book upholstery cleaning service. Or, better yet, you can always call one of the leading professional cleaning companies, SANIPlus, to come and clean it for you.

Furniture is something we all need and we all spend a lot of money and time choosing the right pieces upholstered furniture. Knowing how to properly clean the different types of upholstery is something than not many people know how to do. This is why our professional upholstery cleaners team have been fully trained to know exactly what chemicals and what tools are to be used on the correct fabrics.

When we clean any of your soft furnishings - Sofas, Chairs, Cushions or Mattresses we will Hoover, steam clean your furniture with a Professional Steam Cleaner and leave to dry. With fabrics such as leather will we perform a deep clean. We will also use professional conditioner and polish. So that once we have finished it will be shiney and clean without that sticky feel you may sometimes get with some cleaning products.


Using the wrong chemical or upholstery cleaning product can damage your furniture. This is why it’s always a good idea to call a Cleaning company like us to come and clean your upholstery. We are trained to deal with any and all fabrics that one may come across, be it Cotton, Linen, Leather and so on.

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  • We turn it new
  • Super fresh
  • Nice smell
  • Professional Clean
  • Steam Clean
  • Pamper your fabrics
  • At SANIPlus
  • We are best
  • Where only the best is good enough


Of course, upholstery cleaning isn’t just limited to sucking up the dust from your couch and armchair. Using our professional cleaning equipment, we will carefully do a Thorough clean of all the furniture inside your home. We will Remove any dirt, dust or stains that we come across ensuring that your furniture looks and smells new again. Our professional upholstery cleaners want to Provide you with a cleaning service that shows 100% Care, Attention to Detail and Effort. That way you can feel Confident that Booking with SANIPlus was the Correct Choice and hopefully want to Book us over and over again. And we hope we Provide such a Great Service that you will be Comfortable Recommending us to any of your Friends and Family.